Newborn with Siblings ~Sutherland Shire photographer~

Newborn with siblings photos – are the most challenging and the sweetest photograph to have.

newborn with siblings photos

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Pregnancy tips for studio session ~Sutherland Shire photography~

Pregnancy tips for studio photography. It is a great moment in your life when you are expecting a child. Your body changes so much during this long 10 months.

I invite mums to be in my studio to capture their beautiful bellies. And I explain why :)

1. It is private. If you do not feel comfortable to change clothes or to pose on public, welcome in the studio :) Pregnancy photo sessions are all about mums and their bellies, so you need to pose and you need to change clothes to get that different look.

2. You can bring as much outfits and accessories as you like. Yes, because it is one spot and they not going to be missed and I have a mirror where you can see and decide what do you prefer. Also different cute props which you would like to see on the pictures.

3. You can take all clothes off. They are the most desirable pictures, as they show your pure beauty. Beautiful shapes of mum to be

4. Collection of different outfits. My studio is full of different fabrics  and accessories, drapes and props.I can’t take them all outside :)

5. Partner. Guys fill more comfortable inside. They get used to camera quicker and feel themselves like at home.

pregnancy tips

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Cake smash photos for Austin ~Sutherland Shire photographer~

Cake smash photos are great memories from your kids first birthday.

Decorations will be taken away, presents unwrapped, but pictures will stay forever.

We can tailor your cake smash with a unique theme of your choice.

Kids are going crazy with the cake and parents having fun as well, watching it. Once cake is gone, we organise a little tub with bubbles in our garden, so we can wash all the cake leftovers and photograph little ones while they are having fun in the bubbly water.

cake smash photos cake smash photos cake smash photos cake smash photos







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